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Andrew Blake Review

Get ready for beauty and glamour with Andrew Blake’s collection of erotic photography and videos. This award-winning erotic artist combines different elements like classy outfits and special settings with the natural beauty of the female body. The result is a very elegant and heart-thumping vision of sensuality.

Delicate facial features, silky soft skin, and pronounced curves, all combined with the right camera angles and slow-paced music, help create a very sensual atmosphere. Aside from the exhilarating solo scenes, you also get to enjoy a good share of lesbian play and even some hardcore sex. This photographer’s work is so polished, he makes hard XXX look glamorous. You'll find more than 750 videos and 250+ photo galleries all shot and filmed in high definition. Andrew Blake discount delivers a special price to enjoy full membership for less.

Andrew manages to capture a kind of nudity that's completely arousing while remaining tasteful. Most times the girls are presented striking seductive poses in fancy dresses, and there are also scenes shot outdoors. You'll see things like naked women lying on huge rocks in the wild, their skin bathed in direct sunlight, and their limbs stretched out. There's a particular shoot that caught my attention, simply because it was something that surprised me. It’s a very particular one, you’ll see two girls doing a 69 while floating in a pool.

Some other scenes get a little freakier, so to speak. A little bit of a whacky artist touch, if you will. But however whacky or slightly crazy it gets, it never crosses the line to the raunchy side. This isn't so easy to pull off when you're working with porn and nudity, but this talented artist will nail it every single time. If when it comes to “fap material” you're more inclined towards refinement, elegance, and pure grace, then is an excellent option.

Not any kind of girl makes the cut here. Only girls who are total knockouts become part of the team. I’m talking about the kind of girls with privileged figures. That includes sensual curves, lean bodies, round juicy tits, nice, firm butts, long sexy legs, and a gorgeous face on top of that. You'll see them rocking different hairstyles and wearing professional makeup.

This American photographer, director, and producer began his career working for Playboy. Since then, he’s been awarded Best Cinematography, Best Director USA, Best Art Direction Film, and his website has been awarded Best Photography Website and Best Glamour Website.

Now you know, if you're looking for a good time with gorgeous sex dolls glamorously posing for the camera, is your best bet! Get your membership right away before the discount offer expires and enjoy glamour porn for an excellent price!

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