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Discount Categories Review is here to provide a different approach to porn. Most big-name companies spend a lot of money on great productions involving fancy locations, famous porn stars, stylists, and so on. This site aims to show the real beauty of women, including their flaws. That’s why they don’t get rid of their out-takes. The mistakes the girls make are also part of this honest, real approach. If at a given moment they look goofy or stupid, it still goes in the mix. Oh, and they don’t feature big-name porn stars, only regular girls who do other things for a living.

One important detail you should know right away is you won’t find hardcore sex scenes here. In fact, on some shoots the chicks won’t even step out of their underwear. Yeah, some girls show their titties, but not their slits, and some are willing to show a bit more. Don’t worry, you’re not paying to see fully-clothed women when you can see them every day on the street. There's plenty of nudity and sensuality on the site. It’s actually the whole point. What they want to do is give you real women, the kind you bump into on a daily basis, and have them perform in sexy videos.

Going through the scenes I found sexy blondes, beautiful brunettes, redheads, alternative girls with crazy hair colors and piercings, some Black girls, and a few Asian women. There are more than 560 models and currently the site counts with a collection of over 2,000 scenes and the same number of photo galleries. The scenes are available in Full HD  (1920x1080), HD (1280x720), and a bunch of other formats. You can choose them according to your needs. The content is obviously exclusive and there’s no download limit.

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There’s a nice diversity of girls in terms of body types. Some have small, yet beautifully-shaped titties with perky nipples, and others have huge, bouncy fun bags with puffy nipples. Some of these chicks have body art and piercings, some are more on the skinny side but still have juicy tits, and there are also those who are a little on the chunky side. On every girl’s profile you’ll find a quick description of the model along with information such as age, occupation, location, and so on. For a better experience, I recommend going through their profiles first and watch their videos after you’ve learned where they come from. Makes it more exciting. Enjoy!