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Futanaria Review

If you're just getting into trans porn and/or Japanese futa porn but aren't interested in mainstream sites of this kind, our Futanaria discount might just be the right thing for you. We're offering a single-site pass for a meagre price. So, while there won't be any bonus sites, you will find many interesting "fake shemales” doing what they do best with those massive fake cocks. If this arouses you and sounds like something you might like, here's what's on the table. We'll give you a chance to learn about the site first. Afterward, we're willing to give you all the info necessary to claim our amazing discount. Ready? Here we go!

Over 120 HQ Videos Futa Videos and The Same Number of HQ Photo Sets

Ever since this weird little site was launched, the producers have been very diligent and hard-working. They've managed to accumulate some 120 videos and photo sets. If we tell you that the site was launched way back in 2002, that might seem like a small number, and we wouldn't correct you. With Futanaria.com, it's not so much about the quantity or runtime of the videos as it is about their weird quality. The videos aren't exactly short. They aren't your 5 to 10-minute clips. Here, you'll see 20-minute masterpieces. Unfortunately, they don't come in full HD. Do you want to hear the best part about our offer? There aren't any limitations on how many of them you can download or stream. You can truly knock yourself out. All the models are young. Based on our research, we've learned that there are no models over 30. The model's index is pretty well built, although it does have some serious weak spots. The approach of the models' index is like that on amateur sites. They only put the girls' first names on and give them funny last names. These are the results of wordplay and jokes about, you guessed it, huge cocks. Even despite all of this humorous misinformation, you'll see well-known stars like Penny Pax, Faye Reagan, Connie Avila, Tabitha Fox, and many others. The individual model pages lack other important features, such as biographical info. In place of the bio, you'll just find a note that says, "Bio available soon." These lacks extend to the overall functionality of the site. The not-so-minor downside is the site's design. It just plainly seems to be stuck in the early 2010s. The free tour is just as impoverished. You have the option of scrolling down the list of new videos but no options for clicking on them and enjoying their free trailers. Once you click on any of the video entries, you'll immediately be directed to the registry page. It's not really inspiring when you're just visiting the site and enjoying the free tour. Sure, there is a menu in the header called "Previews." Clicking on it will take you to an independent page with an in-built streaming player with a single video and some 30 free photos. The presentation of this "Preview" section is just plain shabby. We're hoping they change it in the future. The updates are sparse, and you can pretty much write them off. On the plus side, you will see the upload dates on these videos. It can also be said that they are 100% original and can't be found anywhere else. If the downsides don't deter you and you're willing to open this treasure trove of futa porn, here's how we can make it happen.

Here's Our Amazing Discount and How It Can Improve Your Porn Life

As we've mentioned, this is a single-site deal. Pay a sum of $26.65 per month, and we'll guarantee a 3 months discount of a nice 12%. That's not a small percentage in today's economy. In other words, you'll get a small sum of $3.30 off every month you're a member. So, keep in mind what we're offering. You'll get some 3,600 hours of porn featuring the maddest scenarios of girls flaunting massive fake cocks and another 15,000 HQ photos. The photos mostly document the action, but they aren't your classical digital stills. Another good thing about the site that members will have access to is the members' area and their forum. While that format is a bit out of date, the community is still relatively vibrant. We suggest you check it out. How? By joining, obviously. However, since we can't exactly tell you how to spend your cash, here's what we can do. We can give you a piece of advice. Go visit Futanaria and see its offer before our discount expires. We just know you won't regret seeing these thousands of hours of well-endowed ladies wreaking havoc on their girlfriends' asses and pussies. Take a visit and thank us later!